Monday, September 13, 2010

Blues at Traverse City

I've almost finished documenting teams and at least their rookie rosters and St. Louis is almost the last one. The Blues rookies are taking part in the 8-team Traverse City Rookie Tournament, where they are 1-1 in their first two games against the Lightning and the Stars.

Below my Summer roster that I've been keeping for the Blues, you will see the roster that they sent to this tournament, sorted by position and tournament scoring.  Of course, I'm not putting that much effort to show all the scoring, but even after two games, I don't think there is enough there to make many actual assumptions.

Nevertheless, I am expecting to see a few of the names on this list compete for jobs in main camp, especially Alex Pietrangelo, Stefan Della Rovere, Brett Sonne and Anthony Peluso.

Andy McDonaldErik JohnsonJaroslav Halak
T.J. OshieCarlo ColaiacovoTy Conklin
David PerronRoman Polak
David BackesBarret Jackman
Alex SteenEric Brewer
Brad Boyes
Jay McClement
Patrik Berglund
B.J. Crombeen
Vladimir Sobotka
Brad Winchester
Matt D'Agostini
Cam Janssen
Brett SonneDavid ShieldsJake Allen
Josh ShallaAlex PietrangeloPeter Di Salvo
Anthony PelusoIan Cole
Tyler ShattockBrett Ponich
Stefan Della RovereMichael D'Orazio
Anthony NigroMark Cundari
Cody BeachMark Isherwood
Chris DeSousaJan Piskacek
Philip McRae
Nick MacNeil
Stephan MacAulay
Kory Falite
Alexandre Mallet
Mitchell Porowski

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