Monday, September 20, 2010

Drury Suffers Broken Finger

Bad break for the Rangers at scrimmages today, captain Chris Drury suffered a broken finger and will be lost to the team for the next four weeks.

Drury is coming off a disappointing 2010 season, where he only picked up 32 points in 77 games for the Rangers, dropping well down in the rankings among forwards.  A bounce back season will now be put on hold for the time being and should discount his overall value at draft time.

Four weeks from today will put us at October 18th and the Rangers will have played only three games, so the damage to his season may be limited.  The Rangers will be hosting the Avalanche on the 18th, which could very well be his return or it will be the 4th game he misses in the season.  There might be ample room for a good bounce back season with this interesting tidbit of news.

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