Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fringe Signings (Sep 11)

The New York Rangers were somewhat busy over the last couple of days. On Wednesday, they were able to re-sign the last of their restricted free agents, defenseman John Moore, to a new 1-year deal worth $850,500. Moore, 23, has spent some time in the NHL with the Blue Jackets and the Rangers, always seemingly on the verge of making a roster full time and becoming a pool-worthy asset, but has fallen short in either one category or the other. Moore, who played 74 games with the Rangers last year, only put up 15 points, but if the maturity levels come up, he could be really close to being a good pick.

On Thursday, the team put pen to paper with Ryan Malone, who recently finished off some of his legal issues and looks to be free and clear to resume his NHL career.  Late last season, Malone was pulled over for a DUI and drug possession, but with some of that now behind him, he can focus on playing and the Rangers have given him that opportunity.  Malone signed a two-way deal worth $700,000, which gives the Rangers some leeway on paying him in the minors.  Malone has failed to crack the top 400 in pool scoring over the last couple seasons, but possibly with a renewal of focus, he can get his game back together.

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