Monday, September 29, 2014

Welcome to the 2014/2015 Draft Pool

Well, we didn't quite match last year's team total, but we came awfully close and it was still a really good day out at the draft, minus the technical issues I was having at the pub.

So, first things first... thanks to everyone for coming out this year.  Another thanks to Brian T., draft newcomer, who participated from Australia, via Google Hangouts, for 11 of the 14 rounds, thanks to those technical issues I mentioned previously.

Despite not having everything working as well as I would have hoped, we still managed to plow through that draft in pretty good time and with very few lulls in the action, waiting for people to wade through who has been taken and such.

Secondly, prizes!  I am currently working on some prizes and the theme of the prizing this year will reflect our brand new trophy, which features a bobblehead, so I am working on getting us some really cool collectible bobbleheads this year for our segment prizes and maybe some other mini games through the season.  The prize post will drop when everything gets sorted out, but I will say with some certainty, that 1st place will come away with $500 again.

I would like to also remind everyone that since we are over a week away from the start of the regular season, there are preseason games left to be played.  If the unfortunate happens to one of your players, where he gets hurt, you will have until puck drop to replace him with an available player.  I will post a list of available players, who haven't been sent back to the minors or juniors, who have contracts, on the website, so don't forget.  I don't want anyone to start the season, knowing that they don't have a full squad, thanks to injury.

This rule does not apply to unsigned players or players that get sent down to the minors, as they are associated risk of taking players, while injuries are hard to judge.  Players that were injured previous to the draft are also not eligible to be switched out.

This year appears like it will be just as much fun as last year, so let's all sit impatiently and wait for the season to start.

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