Monday, September 29, 2014

Jenner Now Out with a Broken Hand

Big preseason injury number two in the draft announced on Monday night, as the Columbus Blue Jackets will now be without gritty forward Boone Jenner for an indefinite period of time, thanks to a broken hand. His general tightness finally allowed him to practice on the weekend, but in practice on Sunday, he ended up blocking a shot with his hand and the doctors are now saying there is a broken bone in that same hand.

The club won't say how long exactly they expect the young winger to be out, but it should be expected that he'll miss a few weeks, possibly a month, and more isn't inconceivable.

ImplicationsJenner will qualify for the preseason waivers with the news of this injury, as his general tightness is what had him on the list to begin with and the injury actually occurred on Sunday, the day after the draft. This is good news for Tony, who picked Jenner in the 10th round, if he so wishes to make a move, trying to keep a healthy line-up into the regular season, which starts October 8th.

An updated list of injuries can be found here.

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