Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Recent Contract Extensions (Sep 3)

The Boston Bruins made a splash on their cap number for next season, signing forward David Krejci to a new 6-year contract extension, which is worth $43.5 million in total.  The extension won't start until the 2016 season, but the deal will carry an annual cap hit of $7.25 million, which will put a serious dent in the cap space that the team will carry into next season.

First, it is important to note that the Bruins did get a pretty good year out of Krejci in 2014, as he scored 19 goals and 50 assists in 80 games, which had him ranked 34th overall in pool scoring, 22nd among all forwards, so there is a real potential that this deal won't be a waste in the end.  This deal will also take Krejci into being age 35 at the end, which will potentially be a good time for more shorter-term options.

Of course, the salary cap number for the 2016 season (and beyond) has not been determined from here on in and and the Bruins aren't necessarily in the worst shape today.  With all the players they have on contract, it would barely make a team, 20 players in total (12 forwards, six defense and goaltending tandem in Rask and Subban), and that would carry a salary cap hit of $58.4 million, which is middle of the road by this year's cap number.  The Bruins only have five unrestricted free agents, potentially, next Summer, so they'll be knee deep in restricted free agents, possibly including the two that they have yet to sign before the 2015 season.

While the Bruins should be locking down the current year, they possibly made the next season more difficult.

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