Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jets Make Room, Wheeler to the IR

When the trade for Jiri Tlusty came down, the Winnipeg Jets had to make some roster room right away and the injury to forward Blake Wheeler was the easiest move to make, as the lower-body injury was likely going to keep him out for the remainder of the necessary week off, from when he started sitting on the shelf.

The move was likely retroactive to the 23rd of February, which means that Wheeler would be eligible to come off for Monday, missing two more games: Thursday, home to St. Louis, and Sunday, home to Los Angeles.

The Jets can't be without Wheeler for too long, as they are currently sitting in the first wild card spot in the Western Conference and as much as they are making moves to help out their injury situation, they'll need their best players to come back soon.

In the 2015 season to date, Wheeler has 16 goals and 44 points in 61 games with the Jets and currently ranks 66th overall in pool scoring.

You have to give some credit to Wilton, who picked him up with the 72nd pick in the draft, in the 4th round, as he is getting full value of the selection, compared to where he had selected him.

Unfortunately for Wilton, his season hasn't translated like the pick of Wheeler has for him, as his team sits in 17th place in the standings and his team is 30 points back of the top 10.  His team still belongs in the 3 goals per week streak club, but only barely.  Wilton loses a decent goal scorer in Wheeler with this injury and his team has struggled to reach 3 goals for the last couple of weeks.  Does his team fall out this week, due to injury?

An updated list of injuries can be found here.

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