Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Week Eighteen Waiver Draft (Feb 3)

The Waiver Draft did see a little bit of movement on Monday night, reaching ten teams making moves in total on the first day of the second swapping season.  Tuesday isn't necessarily the best day for making moves, since the schedule on the Opiated Sherpa's part gets a little busy in the evening, but I'm sure he'll make some time to get some of the moves in before the end of the night.

Just to give a quick recap of how Monday night finished, we'll start right with where we finished the two passes, due to a lack of interest.

Grant K. saw the move that saw his number two goalie get dumped by his NHL club, dropping the likely-to-retire, Evgeni Nabokov, and he picked up Antti Raanta of the Blackhawks.  It's one back-up for another, but at least his replacement will see some time and likely a few more wins as well.  In the next day or so, we'll probably have a Nabokov retirement post, so stay tuned.

In a swap of rookies, Benson dropped the mildly disappointing Evgeny Kuznetsov, who hasn't really seen as many points as he was projected to have in Washington and he picked up the surging Mark Stone in Ottawa, who is finally making some noise after a great junior career.

The other Greenley also needed some help in net this year and with Sergei Bobrovsky on the shelf, Stuart noticed that maybe Curtis McElhinney would have been a pretty good pick-up and he dropped Leafs back-up, James Reimer to make that one happen.  Stuart pulled an extra few points on his brother in the standings on Monday night and now is racing him to a higher finish and some bragging rights.

Stacey C. didn't really get the results he was looking for from one of his Week Nine pick-ups, dropping Kris Versteeg, who only had 5 points in the last eight weeks in the pool and is now pinning his hopes of a top 10 finish on Michal Frolik of the Jets, who was one of the top forwards available going into the week.

Finally on Monday night, Brian came from down under to make his pick, although it was the middle of the afternoon on Tuesday, so it was pretty easy, to make a defenseman swap.  Andy Greene of the Devils wasn't doing the job for him, so he picked up Justin Braun from San Jose to take his spot and hopefully generate some offense.

If we plow through a bunch more picks today, I'll probably do another post with an update, but that's how far we've made it and it sounds like we have people on point, waiting to make their moves.

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