Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tlusty Now A Jet

What do you mean they have a deadline for all these trades?  It doesn't seem to matter, as teams are getting the job done earlier and earlier each year.  Desperation is really getting the best of some of these teams.

2015 Season Cap Hit
To Winnipeg POS GP G A P 2015 2016
Jiri Tlusty F 52 13 10 23 $2.95 mil UFA
To Carolina POS GP G A P 2015 2016
2015 Conditional 6th Round Draft Pick
2016 Conditional 3rd Round Draft Pick

Wednesday afternoon's second deal of the day, the first not being pool worthy at all, the Winnipeg Jets made a move to add some secondary scoring to their lineup, acquiring Jiri Tlusty from the Carolina Hurricanes for a couple of mid-round draft picks.

The future UFA in the Summer has already scored 13 goals this season and should be a nice compliment to the skating ways of the Jets this year.

In the pool, Kristy & Don see one of their players get moved into a better situation, not that they actually need any more help.  Their lead is now 70 points with less than seven weeks to go, so there is little chance that they will be caught by anyone at this point.

For a bit more scoring help, the Jets certainly didn't mortgage their future at all, sending some mildly inconsequential picks out the door for a player that doesn't have a large price tag and has some potential to stick around through the Summer.

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