Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Player Notes in the Draft (Feb 17)

The Edmonton Oilers took the Winnipeg Jets to the shootout on Monday night, but in the skills competition, Oilers keeper Viktor Fasth had to leave after suffering a lower-body injury during an attempt from Blake Wheeler.  The word is that the injury is knee related, but the team wouldn't comment on the extent of the injury.  This means that both Oilers goalies are now hurt, so they will have to drill deep for some more help in the crease.

Fasth, as a whole, has been rather disappointing for Stacey C. this season, only picking up 12 points in more than 20 appearances this season.  His team has gotten off to a decent start in the third segment of the season, but it is questionable to how long that will last.

A two-in-one injury, as Ottawa Senators forward Clarke MacArthur collided with teammate & keeper Robin Lehner in the 2nd period against the Hurricanes, forcing both players from the game.  Both players were not out on the ice for the 3rd period and there hasn't been a definitive update on their statuses going forward, but it is something we're keeping an eye on over here.

This means more bad luck for Ryan, who has been dropping players left and right of late, this time his goalie was the one taken out by Grant S.'s forward.  Both will be considered day-to-day, until an update is provided from the team.

In the 1st period between Winnipeg and Edmonton, the Jets lost the services of forward Mathieu Perreault, due to a lower-body injury and was not able to return to the game.  His status moving forward is unknown.  Newly-acquired forward Drew Stafford left last night's game as well, dealing with an upper-body injury from the 3rd period.  This is just another thing to keep our eyes on, as there haven't been many details released on the injury or how long Stafford may be out of the lineup.

Perreault was a Week Eighteen Waiver Draft pick-up for Wyllie, but there has been very little upside after his acquisition.  Wyllie has only seen 1 assist from four games and now an injury, which will keep the race for the Olli bobblehead good and interesting.  Stafford was thought to be one of the players that would benefit the most out of the deal that saw Evander Kane go to Buffalo, but Benson won't be seeing any of those benefits for a while, by the sound of things.  Of course, the news may change, but upper-body injuries never seem to recover as quickly as lower-body injuries.

Word out of Blue Jackets camp is that leading scorer for the team, forward Nick Foligno, may not be available for tonight's game against the Flyers in Philadelphia, due to a lower-body injury. The initial report that was seen says that the injury is not considered to be major, rather, if it keeps him out any time, it should just be this game.  We shall see, I guess.

Wes finished up Monday night, increasing his lead over 4th place to 4 points, but missing out on a game on one of his season saviours will hurt for a night, if indeed Foligno misses out.  He'll be on the list as out day-to-day, if he does miss the game in the end.

An updated list of injuries can be found here.

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