Sunday, February 15, 2015

Player Notes in the Draft (Feb 15)

A death in the family was the reason why defenseman Andrew MacDonald was out of the lineup for the Flyers on Friday night. It sounds like the matter was taken care and he should be back on Sunday evening, when Philadelphia heads into Buffalo to take on the Sabres.

MacDonald belongs to Dale B. this season and you wouldn't really know that Dale missed any player games this week, as his team has been hot, shooting up to 6th place, just before Sunday's action.

The Detroit Red Wings had made Jakub Kindl a healthy scratch so much this season, that this weekend, they assigned him to the AHL, just to get some playing time, sending him on a conditioning loan.  These conditioning loans do not last for too long, maxing out at two weeks, but if there is a good stretch, where the Grand Rapids Griffins have a couple games over a few nights, he'll make the most out of his assignment.

Dale C. hasn't had much luck from the blueline this year and he was only able to drop so many players, but a brief stint in the AHL will likely open up some playing time down the stretch with the big club, but it's hard to say how much, exactly.

Sounds like a bug got the best of New York Rangers defenseman Dan Boyle on Saturday night, as he was unable to play against the Arizona Coyotes.  He's on the list as being out day-to-day for right now, I don't think anyone expects him to miss too much more time beyond the one game.

Grant K. lost a skater game here, but his team hasn't been on any sort of big streak lately, as they are nestled in at 18th place in the standings, 11 points back of 17th and 10 points up on 19th.

An updated list of injuries can be found here.

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