Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Prizes in the 2015 Draft Pool

Here's the post we've all been waiting for. "What are we playing for, Roddy?"

For the 2015 season, the prize structure will be a little bit different, since we now have a trophy involved and some of the prize money has been put to that, since I haven't been keen enough to go find some sort of sponsorship for our gambling endeavour, but I digress.

Okay, some of the money from this year's draft pool has been put into our glamourous new bobblehead trophy, which I had out for the draft.  Everyone, except for Brian in Australia, got a good look at it, so that's really what we're playing for this year.

I have some minor segment prizes, nothing quite as substantial as years previous, thanks to the big trophy this year, but they are going to be fun.

There are also a couple of other prizes this year, running with the theme of the bobbleheads, which should also be a lot of fun to play with in the Newsletters this year, giving me something more to write about.

The first bobblehead, will be awarded to the last place team in the pool after the season ends, and they will be given the Phoenix Coyotes homage to Olli Jokinen, a fan "favourite" around these parts.  The Olli should be considered a badge of shame, to which no one should want an Olli.

The second bobblehead, will be awarded to the team with the least amount of skater (forwards and defensemen) games played, represented rather topically by a Jordan Staal bobblehead, given that he is starting the 2015 season on the IR with his broken leg, which requires surgery and he'll be out for the better part of the season.

There will be a big celebrated bobblehead for winning it all, while there will be a couple that should fill their recipient with shame... oh, so much shame!

 photo prizemoney.gifOf course, we'll have prize money as well and it will be much of the same again this season, as the 2015 winner will come away with another $500, 2nd place will receive $250 and 3rd place will get double their money back at $100.

I sure hope that pleases everyone, I think this should make for a fun year.  Stay tuned to the Newsletters this year and be sure to leave some comments.

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