Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2016 Outdoor Games

The NHL made the announcement on Saturday morning that there will be three outdoor games next season, the Winter Classic on New Year's Day, featuring the Montreal Canadiens visiting the Boston Bruins, followed nearly a couple months later by two games in wintery Minnesota and Colorado, where we'll have Stadium Series games.  The Chicago Blackhawks will travel to face the Minnesota Wild and the old playoff rivalry between the Detroit Red Wings and Colorado Avalanche will renew outside.

With the All-Star Game just passing and making a case for an extra pool to sink some money into or possibly win some money back from, having an extra competition next season on the outdoor games has a little bit of a ring to it.  There are three games, with plenty of notice for the draft next season, where if you've taken players from these six teams, the scoring from the outdoor games would be tallied up and the most would come away with a prize.

It's just a thought, as I would like next season to be more exciting than this season and adding a few more mini-games to the overall pool would certainly do that, no?

Hockey pool teams this season, without provocation or strategy changes, to this point, would have lined up with 21 of the 23 teams in the pool, having players from one or all of the six teams going next season, both Brenda & Seward nor Troy have any players from these teams.  Of course, this isn't a keeper league, so there will be a complete overhaul of the hockey pool teams, come next season's draft, but I am wondering if people would change their strategy at the draft, knowing that they would have a chance to at least win their money back with these sorts of contests out there.

Just some food for thought, there are no immediate decisions being made today.

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