Friday, January 02, 2015

Player Notes in the Draft (Jan 2)

There was another loss for the Blackhawks at the Winter Classic, something that wasn't covered in the pool review last night, an injury to forward Kris Versteeg.  Versteeg blocked a Washington shot with his hand in the game and had to leave the game with, what is believed to be, an injured finger.  The timetable for his return has not exactly been confirmed, but the coaching staff believe that it will keep him out for a little while.  If the injury is a broken finger, I think it would be fair to say 3-to-4 weeks, possibly sooner, depending on pain tolerance.

Stacey C. picked up Versteeg at the Waiver Draft a few weeks ago and has seen some mediocre production from the winger, finding 5 points in 11 games since the pick-up and has indeed been a plus player since being picked up.  Stacey is in a tie for the lead in point differential in the Week Nine Waiver Draft, as his pick-ups are a +10 to what the players he has dropped have done since.

For not being a player in the hockey pool, Clayton Stoner of the Ducks has seen his name a few times in the blog... first, for taking out Max Pacioretty of the Canadiens, next being taken out by the Jets' Evander Kane and now, injuring Joe Thornton of the Sharks.  Thornton was hit in the 1st period and had to leave the game with an undisclosed injury and the only word on his status is... that it's unclear.  There has been no mention of any more time to be missed, as the Sharks next play on Saturday night, home to the St. Louis Blues.  He'll be listed as out day-to-day until further notice.

The leading contender for this week's Basement Dweller, +Stuart, is now in tough for trying to get out of the basement designation, as his 3rd round pick is now on the shelf with an undisclosed injury.  Thornton has seen an increase in production this season, currently ranked 33rd overall in pool scoring, thanks to 33 points in 38 games, before the injury.  This could be a big loss, if he is out for a while.

An updated list of injuries can be found here.

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