Monday, January 12, 2015

Player Notes in the Draft (Jan 12)

The Dallas Stars are not off to a great start to the week, as it was disclosed earlier today that Tyler Seguin was questionable for Tuesday night's contest against the Senators with the flu, and now, it looks like Jamie Benn is nursing some kind of injury, which has him in the same predicament.  Nothing has been set in stone, as of now, but these are things that the Stars may have to prepare for, before Jason Spezza takes on his former team in his new home.

Not good news for Scott, as his 1st round pick is on the verge of missing a game... possibly.  Maybe.  Not too sure yet.  Nevertheless, this isn't what he'd want to see, as his team is starting to finally move up the standings.  Scott's team hit its peak for the season, now sitting in 12th spot after Week Fourteen, but it's still 10 points back of the top 10.

Three games, six goalies, starting Week Fifteen on Monday night, five out of six are pool goalies, so we're off to a reasonable start that way.

Tampa Bay travels to Philadelphia and we'll see Evgeni Nabokov take on non-pool goalie Rob Zepp, in the only game where there isn't 100% pool talent.  In actual fact, it doesn't matter which one of the healthy goalies that the Flyers start, neither of them are in the pool, so the Flyers are a blackhole of goalie minutes for the pool.  Grant K.'s goalie will run alone in this game, as he looks to get off to a good start in the week.

The other early game on the schedule sees the traveling Avalanche head to Washington to take on the Capitals and it looks like Semyon Varlamov will go up against Braden Holtby tonight.  20th place Benson will see one of his hot goalies go up against Stacey C.'s goalie, as he tries to defend his 16th place position and possibly move up a spot.  Benson is 13 points and four spots back of Stacey and Varlamov has been hot, so there should be some real concern on Stacey's part.

Only one late game tonight, as the Kings will play host to the Maple Leafs and they don't appear to be taking the visitors too seriously, as Martin Jones will get the start for Los Angeles and the expectation is that Jonathan Bernier gets the start for Toronto.  Jones belongs to Wyllie, who could work his way out of the basement with a win, but Troy, who is in 7th place has Bernier, and he could use points in the crowded chase for 3rd place.

An updated list of injuries can be found here.

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