Sunday, December 04, 2016

Concussion Returns for Sharp

On Saturday, the Dallas Stars have again placed forward Patrick Sharp on the Injured Reserve, as the concussion symptoms that he was suffering with earlier in the season, have reportedly reappeared. Officially, the Stars placed him on the IR, retroactively to December 1st, but that might only matter for a quick return, which might not be happening this time around.

Since this is the second time Sharp is heading to the shelf with this head injury, it will be taken far more seriously and he certainly won't be rushed back to the lineup, until he gets the greenest of all lights.

The veteran forward has only appeared in 10 games this season, picking up a goal and an assist in that time, but with injury problems already a huge concern for him, these numbers likely won't be too much of a surprise.

This becomes another hit to Marcin's team, but we still have some moves to make for the Waiver Draft before it ends today and that will pass through his team before it's over.  I would wonder if his 3rd place team could use an upgrade here, especially since they haven't had much production from him already this year.

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