Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Goalie Announcements (Dec 13)

Troy managed to sneak that win out of the Boston/Montreal game on Monday night, so he's safely moving into Week Eleven.

Tuesday night will be another busy one, as there are 10 games in the schedule, and that will mean our three remaining teams should have ample opportunity to get their required win for the week.

Let's start with those games, shall we?

Let's open with a survival match-up game! Mike versus Stacey M. on a night where they each have both of their goalies going tonight. Wait, that doesn't build up this match-up at all. Oh well.

Jake Allen versus Pekka Rinne on Tuesday night in a Central Division battle.  This should be a good game, regardless, but since there is a little bit of surviving involved, it becomes that much more exciting.

Why would the New York Rangers go away from the current Player of the Week? It's kind of a moot question, because they will continue to roll with Antti Raanta tonight, with the Chicago Blackhawks in town.  Stacey M. will get another key survivor start in this one, as her team has received a big bonus in a second regular goalie.  At the other end, we're expecting to see Scott Darling again for the Blackhawks, offering up a key money spot start for Scott, who took over 3rd place last night.

John S. gets a survivor start from Devan Dubnyk and the Minnesota Wild tonight, when they play host to Roberto Luongo and the Florida Panthers in St. Paul.  John relinquished 3rd place in the standings to Scott and could use a little bit of help to take that spot back and stay alive in the mini-game.  It's a two-pronged attack from John tonight, but it will be a pretty tough test with Cam's top goalie.

Mike's second start will come from the late game in Edmonton tonight, with the Blue Jackets taking on the Oilers.  Sergei Bobrovsky will get the call tonight, providing ample back-up to the survivor match-up earlier in the night.  At the other end, Marcie will have her number one going in Cam Talbot and this one has some potential to be a high scoring one.

Wes is hoping that Peter Budaj can build on his excellent first start for his pool team, as the Kings visit the Sabres tonight. At the other end, Jeremy is still looking for some consistency out of Robin Lehner, which has been a bit of a tough sell early in this season.

We're expecting Braden Holtby versus Jaroslav Halak in Brooklyn tonight, with the Capitals taking on the Islanders.  In the pool, this is Jeremy versus Troy, but really, Troy is out for the mini-games, while Jeremy could really use a winning streak to get back into the money conversation.

Marcie will try and play spoiler on Benson's lead in Detroit tonight, as her goalie, Mike Smith and the Arizona Coyotes will be taking on Jimmy Howard and the Red Wings.  Marcie's team may have sunk a bit in the overall standings, but her team isn't out of the money talks yet, only 18 points back.

The goalie rotation continues in Dallas and tonight, it is Antti Niemi's turn to try and earn his way to a second straight start.  Wilton hasn't seen a second straight start from Niemi in a little while.  In the visitor's net, Dale B. will get a start from John Gibson in the Anaheim Ducks' net.  Dale's team is hanging around for the money, opening the night only 5 points back of 3rd.

We're expecting to see Ryan Miller return from his ankle injury tonight for the Canucks, much to the delight of Brenda & Seward, who are on quite the hot streak these days.  They are trying to catch Brian, who will see Cam Ward at the other end, in this one, which has turned into a money conversation game.

Brian gets another start tonight, as Frederik Andersen will get the call for the Maple Leafs, going against Wes' second goalie of the night, San Jose's Martin Jones.  Brian and Wes are trying to do two different things at this point in the season, but for both of their fights, the 2 points will go a long ways.

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