Thursday, December 08, 2016

Race to the Sin Bin (Dec 8)

We've got a little bit of time today, let's have a quick peek at the PIM pool.

Kristy & Don still lead the mini-game, now sitting at 213 minutes for, up on Marcie, who sits at 183.

Marcie has the biggest goon going tonight, between the two sides, in Sam Bennett of the Flames, who has 32 PIM in 29 games played, so he should be good for a minor, at the very least, just to keep his pace alive.  Marcie will also have Jarome Iginla going for the Avalanche tonight and one of her Waiver Draft pick-ups, Patrick Maroon for the Oilers, so she'll be adequately represented in the box tonight, in theory.

Kristy & Don might not have the biggest goons going tonight, but they have one of their Waiver Draft pick-ups going in Alex Burrows of the Canucks, leading their team out tonight.  He'll be complimented by Wayne Simmonds of the Flyers and Kevin Shattenkirk of the Blues, who have taken regular turns in the box already this season.

Our 3rd place team, Ryan's goon squad, also has some good representation, namely Travis Hamonic of the Islanders, who has gone off the deep end once or twice this year.  He's also complimented by Dougie Hamilton of the Flames, who is up there in regular minutes in the box.

We had one pool team go full goon at the Waiver Draft, Troy's team, and he has a couple of his hired guns going tonight.  Troy picked up the top goon available, Antoine Roussel of the Stars, and he gets to go, while Chris Thorburn of the Jets also gets the call to arms.  Troy's team has yet to register a minute this week and his team has fallen back to 113 minutes behind Kristy & Don, but there's still lots of time left to go.

This week's leader in the goon department, Dale B., can thank one of his Waiver Draft pick-ups for the help, as John Moore had 17 minutes with the Devils already this week.  Moore is also going tonight and is Dale's biggest goon going at the same time.  Maybe he's got a mean streak going and can keep Dale in the conversation for the week.

Let's hope for a few more fireworks tonight, eh!

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