Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Morning Player Notes in the Draft (Dec 6)

After a fight with Anaheim's Kevin Bieksa on Sunday night, Flames forward Micheal Ferland left the game with an upper-body injury, not to return to the game. One quote seen after the game suggested that removing Ferland from the game was just precautionary and with the demotion of Hunter Shinkaruk to the AHL on Monday, it would suggest that the Flames didn't need another body around.  The Flames are in Dallas tonight, so we'll keep an eye on his availability.

Derek B. decided that Ferland would be a good addition to his team, but he isn't sure whether or not his new player will get to start for him on-time with this injury concern.  He would be considered day-to-day for now, but he wants him now.

Michael Grabner left the Rangers at the end of the weekend to attend to a death in the family, back in Austria, and he is expected to miss tonight's game, when the Rangers take on the Islanders in Brooklyn tonight.  He's currently considered day-to-day.

I am sure Stacey M. was definitely looking forward to cashing in on Grabner's goal scoring record, so far this season.  This appears it will be delayed by a few days, at least, but at least it shouldn't be an on-going or lingering issue.

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