Sunday, December 11, 2016

Morning Player Notes in the Draft (Dec 11)

The Arizona Coyotes had themselves one of the breakout players on the blueline last season, but Michael Stone hasn't exactly been living up to that performance in the 2017 season, having only 6 assists in 17 games. This has led him back up to the press box, as Coyotes scratched him against the Predators.  There is no indication that this will be a long-term scratching situation, but I wouldn't think that the 4-1 win will help Stone's cause in the near future.

Grant's team is just floating along in 20th place and isn't getting a great deal of help from his blueline, only 2 points this week, between all four players.  A solid hot streak, like a Mover & Shaker week, could get him back in the hunt, but his team isn't in fear of dropping any lower, with an 11-point buffer on 21st.

On Thursday, Canucks number one Ryan Miller, left the game against the Tampa Bay Lightning in the 3rd period with a lower-body injury.  That injury was later to be revealed as an ankle injury and he did indeed miss Saturday night's game in Florida and likely won't be in the lineup for Sunday's game in Washington either.  He will likely be re-evaluated when the team gets to Carolina, before Tuesday's game, to see if he can go in that one.  He's considered to be day-to-day at the moment.

Brenda & Seward are still in the Mover & Shaker mix this week, with only one day to play.  It is a busy day, but they won't likely have a goalie in their lineup, here in Miller, so they'll have to rely on their scorers to get it done.

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