Friday, December 02, 2016

Goalie Announcments (Dec 2)

We still have three teams that need to qualify for Week Nine in the goalie survivor pool, as Troy was able to make it in on the shoulders of a Jaroslav Halak shutout on Thursday night.  Despite it being a busy night on Thursday, Troy's was the only team to qualify among the four that needed a win.

On Friday night, there are only two games on the schedule and there are no survival games on the docket, as both games either feature qualified teams or eliminated teams, so we'll have to wait for the busy Saturday for any more action.

It's an all John Swan affair in Calgary tonight, as Devan Dubnyk will take on Chad Johnson in a former Northwest Division battle tonight.  Both goalies have been confirmed to be going, so John should come away with 2 points either way.  John's team has moved their way up to 5th place this week, 3 points behind 4th and 8 points behind 3rd, so a shutout, one way or the other, would probably work best.

In the late, late game, we'll see teams at opposite ends of the standings have their goalies go in San Jose.  Benson, our pool leader, will have Carey Price in one net and Wes, in 24th, will have Martin Jones at the other end.  The difference between these two teams is 56 points, a pretty sizable gap, even for the Waiver Draft to solve.  It isn't out of the question though, miracles have been known to happen.

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