Monday, December 12, 2016

Goalie Announcements (Dec 12)

Would someone get mad, if I was to refer to the last four teams in the survivor pool as the Frozen Four?  Is that a thing somewhere else?  Just thought I'd check.

Yes, we're down to the last four teams in the mini-game, as Grant fell by the wayside under Grant Watch near the end of last week.  A shame, really.

Only two games on the docket for this quiet Monday night and only one of our surviving teams has representation.

The Boston/Montreal rivalry will offer our only survival game tonight, where Troy's number one, Tuukka Rask, will get the gargantuan task of taking on Carey Price and the Canadiens tonight.  Troy's team is still pretty strong in this mini-game and this one game won't sidetrack it at all, if he takes a loss, there's still lots of time left.  Benson, on the other hand, is sitting pretty, with a nice lead atop the overall standings and a win here will only pad those numbers.

In the earlier game, it will be Mike Smith versus Matt Murray in Pittsburgh, with the Coyotes taking on the Penguins.  This is a Marcie versus Scott game in the pool, any relations will surely be strained when their two keepers go head-to-head.  Marcie could really use a win to boost her team back into the money conversation.

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