Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Night's Pool Preview

Being down 2-0 and coming home is theoretically what should happen in these playoffs, if the teams are even enough and can claim home-ice advantage in the series. It makes for a good seven game series. The Montreal Canadiens have their shot at home-ice starting tonight and begin the night's worth of hockey as the earlier game against the Philadelphia Flyers. Panic should not set in quite yet for the Habs, as they have had to claw back in their previous series, but they can't rest on their laurels, just because they are the home team.

The Flyers technically do not have to win a game in Montreal, if they continue playing so well at home in this series, but a win tonight will be huge for Philadelphia, who will then be holding the Canadiens over a barrel for Game Four. The Flyers are exercising some great leadership, timely scoring and some top end goaltending from their second goalie of these playoffs, which finds themselves rolling along quite well. The pressure is off, but that doesn't mean they won't want to steal a victory on the road.

TeamScott G.Neil B.Kalenab G.Leo M.Myles D.Russ D.Stuart G.
Scott Hartnellxx
Claude Girouxxxx
Kimmo Timonenxxx
James Van Riemsdykx
Chris Prongerxx
Daniel Brierex
Braydon Coburnx
Marc-Andre Bergeronx

Well, this is the series that Scott G. really needs to fall in his favour, because the West isn't doing him any favours. On Tuesday night, Scott rushed out to a pretty big lead because of the Flyers, but everyone seemed to reel him in when the other game finished, so I'm not sure if any more needs to be said about that.

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