Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Flyers Did It!

They actually managed to pull it off!  The Philadelphia Flyers are the first team since the New York Islanders in 1975 to come back from being 3-0 down in a series to win it in seven games.  Incredible!  Not only were they down 3-0 in the series at one point, they were down 3-0 in Game Seven only 15 minutes in and they managed to claw back to win it.  This series was definitely one for the record books.

I only managed to see up until 3-2 before I had to leave the television, but even then you could start to see the comeback was on.  Seeing the Bruins go up 3-0, thanks to a pair of goals by Milan Lucic and a shaky start from Michael Leighton, it did look like there was little life in the Flyers game.  Of course, a late 1st period goal by James Van Riemsdyk changed the tide just enough.  Scott Hartnell picked up a fat rebound early on in the 2nd made it a 1-goal game, until Daniel Briere bounced one off of a Bruins defenseman and into the net to tie it up before the midway point of the second frame.  From there on, it looked like a good battle between both teams, with a number of posts hit and some good saves, but the hero for the Flyers in the end was Simon Gagne again, scoring the winner just past the halfway point of the 3rd period, which was enough to seal a 4-3 win for the Flyers, a date with the Canadiens and a spot in NHL history.

Now, we can eliminate 46 selections from the pool, leaving a small dent in the Eastern Conference Finals, where there won't be many picks at all, thanks to the elimination of both the Penguins and Capitals already this year.  I will try to do a preview of both series soon, so bear with me.  So, with the 46 selections knocked out, teams can only have a maximum of 12 players in the next round, which no one has successfully accomplished.  Nine teams finished with 9 players, which usually suggests that most people at this point don't have any Canadiens or if they do, they may only have two Flyers and a Hab.  I think we're in for a good finish.

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