Thursday, October 11, 2007

Kesler Might Sit

Well, it doesn't get too much uglier than this. An ugly game, marred by yet another ugly shot to the head. Ryan Kesler (Aaron) got cross-checked to the face by Flyers' forward Jesse Boulerice on Wednesday night. A battery of tests will probably be conducted today to see what the extent of his injury is, if any, before the Canucks fly off to Edmonton to start a home-and-home series with the Oilers.

It's pretty apparent that a suspension will be given to Boulerice for the shot to the head, but you can really only chalk it up to a dumb decision by a goon of a player. The replays were pretty obvious that Kesler and Boulerice were tagging each other pretty good with whacks and slashes... pushes and pulls... and then Kesler did take a pretty good run at a Flyers' defenseman right before taking the shot. It's nothing to condone, but it's happened before and it will likely happen again.

The bigger questions remain... now with the stricter policy of head shots in the Discipline Office of the NHL, how long will the suspension be? Also, since the head shot was in Vancouver, a terrible place to be stupid on the hockey rink (just ask Todd Bertuzzi and Marty McSorley), will the BC Police Department show up and make a big stink over it?

For Boulerice's sake, hopefully it's just a stern penalty from Colin Campbell and he makes it out of Vancouver without a more severe penalty. We all know how dumb the Vancouver Police have been, sticking their nose into a hockey incident... but fortuantely for Boulerice, Kesler was able to skate off the ice under his own power, so that should be enough.

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