Friday, October 05, 2007

Thursday Night Injuries

What did I say about eerie feelings? Oh yeah... click here to find out. The first game of the regular season for Chicago was something out of a crystal ball... a very cynical crystal ball, mind you... Martin Havlat (Marcus) left Thursday night's game with a shoulder injury and was preparing for an MRI on Friday to see what the extent of the damage is. He left the rink with a sling on and Blackhawk fans are now holding their breath as the season starts on a pretty poor note.

Predators defenseman, Shea Weber (Box 4), left Thursday night's game against Colorado with an apparent knee injury. He will also undergo tests on Friday to see what the damage is. The Predators team, somewhat patchworked already, didn't need to lose Weber. He was a big part of their offense and defense last season. Although they lost him in the first period, the Preds were still able to shutout the Avalanche, 4-0.

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