Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Kings Finalize Their Roster

Despite already playing two games in London, the Kings still had a chance to trim down a larger roster by today's deadline, thanks to the excess travel they had to go through for their European adventure. The Kings will have a bit more youth in their line-up when they start playing back here in North America, including Jack Johnson, Brady Murray and Jonathan Bernier (Box 12). They will certainly give their Pacific Division opponents a new look to take cover from and possibly should win a few more games then they did last season.

There is a lot to choose from for your pool team, if you haven't already. Mike Cammalleri (Dale B.) has already registered 3 points in the draft, which is a mighty fine treat from a couple games overseas.

Alexander FrolovAnze KopitarMike Cammalleri
Ladislav NagyMichal HandzusDustin Brown
Kyle CalderDerek ArmstrongBrady Murray
Raitis IvanansPatrick O'SullivanJohn Zeiler
Brian WillsieScott Thornton
Lubomir VisnovskyTom Preissing
Rob BlakeBrad Stuart
Jaroslav ModryKevin Dallman
Jack Johnson
Jonathan Bernier
Jason LaBarbera

The Kings current line-up now stands at $42.2 million against the cap, which is seeming to be around the average number for most teams... give or take a million or two.

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