Thursday, October 11, 2007

Spotlight Game

Tonight's big match-up, pool-wise, could very well be the Hurricanes/Senators tilt that goes in Ottawa at 5:30pm MT. Although pool leader, Dale B., doesn't have players from either team; second place Clayton has three and third place Chris has four. With both Carolina and Ottawa scoring at over 3 goals per game, it should be a pretty good little shootout, one would think. If it becomes the shootout that it should be, we may just have ourselves a new leader by the end of the night.

On the Carolina side of the ice, the pool will have 7 players dressed for the game, while the Senators will have 8 players dressed. Yup, this should be a doozy of a game for all of those who have them. Well, it it only 8 pool teams who will participate in this game, between 15 players. Bet you wish you drafted one of them now, eh?

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