Saturday, October 11, 2008

One Week Out for Connolly

The Sabres shouldn't be terribly surprised, the oft-injured Tim Connolly is back on the shelf, not even seeing the first game of the season against Montreal.

The Sabres announced on Saturday morning that Connolly will miss the entire week of action thanks to a hairline fracture in one of his vertebra. Connolly also made several appearances on the blog site last season, due to several instance of pain and injury. The injury-prone centre might be at it again.

The injuries are a part of the game, but Connolly takes it quite seriously. Larry took the risk of Connolly and his injury bug and is already behind the 8-ball with him. Connolly was Larry's 10th round pick out of 14 rounds, so he didn't cost him too much, but he does start on the sidelines, which is moving against him is a big way.

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