Monday, February 27, 2012

Boston Adds Veteran Help

2011/2012 Stats2012July 1st Details
To BostonPosAgeGPGAPCap HitYearsCap Hit
Brian RolstonF3949459$5.1m0UFA
Mike MottauD3329022$800k0UFA
To Long IslandPosAgeGPGAPCap HitYearsCap Hit
Yannick RiendeauF230000$613k0UFA
Marc CantinD210000$617k2$617k

Generally speaking, this is one of the more generalized deals that you would see at the trade deadline, as the Boston Bruins acquired a load of veteran help for a pair of prospects.  The Bruins picked up veteran scoring forward Brian Rolston and stay-at-home defenseman Mike Mottau for a pair of prospect that haven't seen the light of day in the NHL, to date.

Rolston is a Stanley Cup winner with the 1995 New Jersey Devils, so the Bruins can really look forward to adding his knowledge and experience to the line-up, even if he doesn't have the same kind of wheels, shot or numbers that we were all used to seeing in his hay day.  Rolston is said to still have some of his wheels left, but I would imagine that he will be used in a support role, rather than a top six position, leaned upon for some scoring.

In Mottau, the defense gets a little bit more difficult to play against.  With only 2 assists in 29 games, you can see that he wasn't taken on to add much for offense.  Mottau comes as a fairly cheap option, especially considering that defensive defensemen were going for high-to-mid round picks in the entry draft, the Bruins are able to use a couple of prospects in this deal, who haven't panned out in their system.

Both Rolston and Mottau were listed in the selection sheet pool, but that was a sign of a lack of depth on the Islanders more than their talent.  Neither player have had an impact in the pool, with 11 points between them.

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