Thursday, February 23, 2012

Home Accident Sidelines Anderson

Huge and horrible news out of Ottawa on Thursday afternoon, as it appears that Senators goaltender Craig Anderson has suffered a hand injury in a freak accident at his home in the past 24 hours. Anderson has reportedly suffered a laceration to one of his hands and it doesn't sound very good at all. The word, as of Thursday afternoon, is that he is out indefinitely, but the actual severity of the injury has yet to be disclosed.

Going into Thursday night's action, Anderson was ranked 3rd among all goalies in minutes played this year, one of the busiest goalies this season, as he is being leaned against by the Senators for their run to the playoffs.  He currently has 29 wins, 3 shutouts and 4 assists for 68 points in the pool this season, which has him ranked 8th overall, 5th among all goalies.  He has been the steady wall that the team has needed at times, backstopping the team to some very key wins.

This will likely leave the team to the devices of Alex Auld and likely, Robin Lehner to help the team get through the injury problem down the stretch.  The team likely has grand plans for Lehner down the line and this could be the time for him to come up trumps for the team.

Ottawa is fairly safe in the playoffs, as of right now, but a quick slide could have them hanging over a barrel.

ImplicationsLooks like the biggest impact that this injury may have will be on the playoff pool, if the injury is too far gone for Anderson to return by then, which seems doubtful.  Anderson belongs to John P. in the regular season draft and his team is 47 points out of the money, something that even Anderson couldn't help him with alone.  It would have taken a huge run, which isn't impossible, but now may be with this injury.

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