Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Draft Player News (Feb. 22)

An undisclosed upper-body injury, said to not be related to a previous wrist injury, kept Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews out of the line-up on Tuesday night for their game against the Red Wings.  Details on the injury and/or the severity of the injury has not been disclosed, as of yet, so it is really hard to say any more.  We'll call him out day-to-day for right now, but an update will be on the agenda if anything changes.

Our pool leader, Dale B., missed out on another man-game on Tuesday with this injury news, as he tries to fend off any opposition for his grand title.  His 11-point lead after Sunday night has dropped down to 7 points, but he is still getting some pretty good support from the rest of his guys, who have been solid all season long.

The Montreal Canadiens were forced to scratch Tomas Plekanec from their line-up on Tuesday night, for their game against the Stars, a game where they could have really used some extra offense.  The Habs dropped the game against Dallas, 3-0, but I would assume that they won't be missing Plekanec for too long, as the flu likely won't keep him out of the line-up for very long.

It looked like Peter H. could have used a bit more offense last night as well, as his week hasn't started out too well, only picking up 4 points in the first couple of nights of action in Week Twenty-One.  Peter has dropped one position, from 16th to 17th, since Sunday.

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