Friday, February 24, 2012

Hemsky Cashes In with Oilers

Well, another name coming off the list before the trade deadline begins, Ales Hemsky, as he has agree to a new 2-year extension, worth $10 million.  This will give him a $5 million cap hit through the 2014 season, which is a raise from the $4.1 million cap hit, he currently has on his 6-year deal, which he signed in 2006.

Hemsky was scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1st, which made him an attractive option to be a rental player for a contending team this year, but both the player and the team thought it would be best if he stayed in Edmonton and the deal was signed.

The 2012 season, to date, has not been a great year for Hemsky, who missed 11 games to a shoulder injury and another couple games to being ill, limiting his season to 47 games, where he has only scored 5 goals and 21 assists.  His current ranking in pool scoring is down from 2011, as he's currently ranked 229th for his 26 points and the ever-present concerns about his health, really make this deal into a head-scratcher.

Salary CapWith Hemsky on board for the 2013 season, I now have the Oilers sitting with 16 regulars already signed on, with a projected annual total of $42.2 million.  The Oilers have 10 forwards, five defense and a goalie signed on for the year and they are in pretty good shape, considering.  As of right now, the Oilers are $6.1 million below the 2012 salary cap floor, which gives them lots of room to move and money to spend next year.  If anything, the $5 million cap hit to Hemsky might help this team get to the floor next year.

ImplicationsHemsky was dropped in the draft in the second waiver draft, as Chris M. didn't trust him to be any more help to his season, which was pretty much done before the second waiver draft.  The Oilers will not be in the playoffs, so there will be no impact there, but we'll get another look at him in an Oilers jersey next season, unless he gets hurt again.

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