Friday, February 10, 2012

Draft Player News (Feb. 10)

A minor ankle injury kept New Jersey Devils number one goalie Martin Brodeur from making a scheduled start on Thursday night.  The team erred on the side of caution with his ankle, keeping him in the press box and calling up Jeff Frazee to back up Johan Hedberg, but the team has since said that Brodeur should be good to go for Saturday afternoon and the Florida Panthers.  Not a great deal of concern to be had here.

Brodeur has been one of the low-lights for Derek W. and his hockey pool season, sitting in 21st in the standings, so there is no real impact to the money here, except, it did give Hedberg another start for Dale C., who unfortunately couldn't cash in on those extra minutes.

Another goalie on the shelf for a game on Thursday night, as Ilya Bryzgalov was told to take it easy, calling up Jason Bacashihua from the Phantoms to back up Sergei Bobrovsky.  This doesn't sound like it should warrant much concern, not as much as his play has already this year, at least.  Bryzgalov will likely sparingly get starts, if his ability to win games is still on a short-term hiatus, making him into a minor hockey pool bust for the year.

Again, not a lot of impact on the money races in the draft, rather, this has more of an impact on the race for a top 10 position, as Allan S. lost a start from one of his goalies, giving it to Scott G. and one of his goalies, who was having a rough week until Thursday night.  Not much going on here either.

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