Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Draft Player News (Feb. 21)

The Tampa Bay Lightning are not expecting to have their captain in the line-up on Tuesday night against the Anaheim Ducks, as Vincent Lecavalier is suffering from an upper-body injury, which he suffered on Saturday night, but managed to play through.  On Monday, Lecavalier left practice early, dealing with the problem and was then scheduled for an MRI, but since then, the results have not been released.  Just consider him out day-to-day, until further notice.

Leon G. has Lecavalier this season, but is now 28 points out of the top 10, so there isn't going to be much impact from this injury in the standings.  Leon is also 20 points back of the third segment leader already as well, which will probably take the biggest hit, if Lecavalier is out for any more than one game.

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