Thursday, February 23, 2012

Draft Player News (Feb. 23)

The Colorado Avalanche were able to keep themselves in the playoff hunt with a win over the Los Angeles Kings, but they did lose one of their key pieces to some back spasms, as Erik Johnson was forced out of the victory early on in the 1st period.  Johnson was not able to return and it looks like he will be doubtful for the team's game on Friday night as well, but that will give him some extra time off, because the Avalanche's schedule is quite light over the next week.

Derek W. only holds an 11-point advantage on Darren S. at the bottom of the draft standings and another injury may go a long way to closing that gap, but since its only back spasms, I don't imagine Johnson will be out too much longer.

The Capitals are in the middle of trying to win the Southeast Division and/or making the playoffs and the injury bug continues to sweep through the line-up, taking no prisoners. Next up on its list of victims, Alex Ovechkin, who was hurt in the 2nd period of Monday's game against the Hurricanes. Ovechkin did try to come back in the game, but failed and has since taken a lot of time off from the ice and was deemed unable to go on Wednesday night in the afternoon.  He is considered day-to-day for right now, but this really doesn't appear to be good for the Capitals, who could really use their best player.

Dreams of the top 10 are probably dead for Ryan M., who now sits 32 points out in 15th place in the standings, so this injury will only impact his finishing position, nothing more.

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