Saturday, October 10, 2015

Goalie Announcements (Oct 10)

There was only 10 games last night, so there were only going to be five goalies that were going to earn wins and we went from 11 teams with wins up to 13 teams, as a few teams went up to a pair of wins each.  We still have 14 teams without wins and with that being said, we'll try and concentrate on those goalies and pool teams still without.

It's the big night of the first week, we have 14 games on the schedule, so at least 28 goalies will hit the ice tonight, leaving lots of chances for teams to get their wins.  With an 11am MT start on Saturday, we have to get this announcement out with a few unconfirmed names in the lineups.

In the cross section of teams without wins yet this week and two chances to win on Saturday night, we have last year's trial competition winners, Kristy & Don and that's it.  As of first thing Saturday morning, they have Roberto Luongo confirmed to go in the Panthers and Flyers game and it is expected that Semyon Varlamov goes for the Avalanche against Antti Niemi (Stacey M. - unconfirmed) and the Dallas Stars.

Other teams in need of a win today: Benson gets his shot with Frederik Andersen in Anaheim's only game this week against Martin Jones (Scott) and the Sharks; Brian gets another shot at a win as Cam Talbot and the Oilers are in Nashville to take on Pekka Rinne (Ryan - unconfirmed) and the Predators; Dale C. has Tuukka Rask (unconfirmed, but likely) in net for the Bruins against Carey Price (John S.) and the Canadiens at home tonight; Eric gets one more shot at his qualification, as Scott Darling gets the nod for Chicago against the Islanders, who may have Jaroslav Halak (Dale B. - unconfirmed) back in net tonight; the Washington Capitals open their season with Braden Holtby in net, giving Jeremy his only chance at a win, playing against non-pool goalie Keith Kinkaid and the New Jersey Devils; John R. gets shot number two with Marc-Andre Fleury, as the Penguins are in Arizona to take on the Coyotes, who should have Mike Smith (Dale B. - unconfirmed) again tonight; a second chance for Neil B. with Cam Ward in the Carolina net against another goalie looking to give his pool team a win in Petr Mrazek (Tony) and the Red Wings; finally, Troy may get one more chance at his win, as Sergei Bobrovsky may get back-to-back nights against Henrik Lundqvist (Derek & Dan), who will get back-to-back starts for the Rangers, in the second half of their home and home series.

Whew!  That's a lot of goaltending news today.  That was all the teams that need a win today.  That's what we'll concentrate on for the most part in this series of posts.

Four teams are already SOL, when it comes to the survivor pool, for various reasons.  Wes has both of his goalies injured in a poor turn of luck to start the season, so there's no chance for him, but Brenda & Seward, Cindy and Stacey C. have exceptional long shots, as they have goalies playing back-up tonight and would need a stroke of luck to get their keepers in and have those teams earn them the win in the process.

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