Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Goalie Announcements (Oct 14)

Four games on Wednesday night, eight goalies, all of them taken in the pool, four of them belong to pool teams that are already eliminated from the survivor pool, while one belongs to a team that has already qualified to move on to Week Three in the competition, leaving three goalies left to help their teams move on tonight.

Up first, Corey Crawford and the Chicago Blackhawks are in Philadelphia, looking to beat up on a Flyers team that isn't off to a great start.  Stuart could really use a tap-in win to move on tonight.

Next, the Colorado Avalanche are hosting the Boston Bruins tonight and they will send Semyon Varlamov to the crease, hoping to keep the visitors winless this season.  Kristy & Don should have a few more chances this week, if this opportunity goes awry.

Finally, the Arizona Coyotes, who have been raising a few eyebrows early on, look to take down another giant in the Anaheim Ducks and they'll send a reinvigorated Mike Smith back to the crease for the win.  He belongs to Dale B. in the pool this year and Dale must be liking what he's seen from a goalie that lost over 40 games last season.

Sadly, no match-ups to the death tonight, but there is still another four nights worth of hockey this week.  Derek & Dan, Derek W., Jeremy and Tony all need wins as well this week and they'll patiently wait for their opportunities in those final four nights.

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