Sunday, January 14, 2018

Goalie Announcements (Jan 14)

Yes, there were a few goalies that came out to surprise yesterday and that likely means there are a few more surprises in tow for Sunday as well.  Only four games left to finish off the week and it looks like the real race is down around the Basement Dweller nod, as four teams are now vying for the title, all yet to hit double digits in points this week.

Petr Mrazek (Stacey C.) versus Jeff Glass (N/A)
Stacey C. opens up Sunday afternoon, 8 points clear of the Basement Dweller nod this week and it seems very likely that he'll get a key start, thanks to back-to-back day games, from Petr Mrazek.  With plenty of teams below Stacey in the weekly standings, he doesn't absolutely need this win to stay out of the Newsletter, it would just help overall.

And Jeff Glass gets the nod again for the Blackhawks, playing on back-to-back days.  They seem to like this guy, so he should be high up on your list for the next Waiver Draft.

Mike Smith (Ryan) versus Scott Darling (Clayton)
The post had to be done fairly early today this morning, to accommodate the Red Wings and Blackhawks game and there was absolutely no indication who would be going in net for the Hurricanes today.  The Hurricanes played a back-to-back set earlier in the week, where Scott Darling was the better of the two goalies and there was some indication that he could get the look today against the Flames, which would be good news for Clayton, who is also 8 points clear of the Basement Dweller, but still in need of points.  Ryan should be confident in thinking that Mike Smith will get the nod this afternoon, there's no reason why not.  His team is just 1 point better than Clayton's this week.

Henrik Lundqvist (Brian) versus Tristan Jarry (Derek B.)
Brian is one of those four teams in line for the Basement Dweller nod this week and he opens the last day of the week only 1 point clear.  It was thought that Henrik Lundqvist would get the call yesterday against the Islanders, that wasn't the case, so we certainly expect him to get the nod today.  It's a tough test with the Pittsburgh Penguins in town, but Tristan Jarry gets the call on back-to-back days, thanks to the absence of Matt Murray, so they may be able to play on his fatigue today.  Good news for Brian, I guess.

Jacob Markstrom (Wes) versus Alex Stalock (N/A)
Wes is actually in line for the Mover & Shaker nod this week, as his team is 3 points clear of Grant's at the top of the weekly lead and he gets a start from Jacob Markstrom and the Vancouver Canucks, as they head into Minnesota to take on the Wild.  The Wild played the Jets yesterday afternoon, while it was a travel day for the visitors, so it will be interesting to see how that goes for either side.  With the Wild playing back-to-backs, another available goalie for the Waiver Draft, Alex Stalock, plays for your approval.

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