Friday, January 05, 2018

Morning Player Notes in the Draft (Jan 5)

Jaromir Jagr was held out of the Calgary Flames lineup yet again on Thursday night, but the team wouldn't confirm ahead of the game, if the injury was related to the lower-body troubles that the veteran winger has been dealing with all season.  Jagr has only appeared in 22 of the team's 40 games, mostly due to injury and the few games at the beginning of the season, after signing with the club late.  The 45-year old has 1 goal and 7 points in those 22 games, only good enough for 532nd in pool scoring this year.

Jagr wasn't the worst pick in the last round of the draft, but that's a small consolation for Ryan's team, especially when the best pick in the round was taken 16 picks after Jagr.  Still, despite the absence of Jagr from the Flames lineup, Ryan's team is still posting a big week, leading the way for the Mover & Shaker nod, currently holding a 2-point lead heading into the weekend's action.

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