Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Goalie Announcements (Jan 17)

We're moving into Wednesday night's action and there is still no sign of any relief for either of our surviving teams at this point, so one would have to think that it's getting a little tense for both Grant and Wilton and neither of them are getting any help on Wednesday.

Only two games on the schedule, as the NHL continues move through the last few days of bye week hell.  So, we might as well have a look at both games, as there's not much else to do around here.

Carey Price (Dale C.) versus Tuukka Rask (Clayton)
Even in the mid-afternoon, neither team here was confirming their goalies, but all indications are pointing towards an all-number one goalie match-up here.  This game appears to be a swing game in the standings, as Dale is 1 point behind Clayton's team and their goalies are going head-to-head.  Two rivalries in one game... how much fun is that?

Tristan Jarry (Derek B.) versus John Gibson (Tony)
Due to the unfortunate passing of Matt Murray's father, it appears that the Pittsburgh crease belongs to Tristan Jarry for the time being and that continues in Anaheim tonight, when the Penguins take on the Ducks.  It's certainly not the way anyone wants to get more ice-time, but the Penguins will have to make do with the situation.  At the other end of the ice tonight, it will be John Gibson, who gives Tony a start tonight.

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