Monday, January 01, 2018

No NHL Players, No Problem... Olympics Pool!

Believe it or not, even without any NHL participation in South Korea at the Olympics this year, I think we'll still do an Olympic hockey pool, just to keep things interesting.

There is still plenty of mystery, heading into these games... who's going to play for each team?  How many of these names are we really going to recognize?  Who is going to even watch these games in the middle of the night?  Even with all of that mystery ahead, I am taking the initiative to say that those who are interested should gather for a quick draft, pick some players and have some fun with this.

Teams are going to be announced as soon as today, as the Americans are set to announce their team on New Year's Day, while Canada has confirmed that their team will be announced on January 11th.  With all of that being said, the blog will have some coverage of all of these teams and I will have a list ready to go for everyone, when the time comes.

The tournament starts on February 10th and the gold medal game is set to go on the 25th, so we'll have that all set out on the webpage before too long.  I don't have a date set out for the draft, just yet, but one will be announced before too long.  We'll all get together and have ourselves a good time... you know, for those who are interested.

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