Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Maroon Suspended For Two

The Edmonton Oilers will be without forward Patrick Maroon for their next two games, Thursday night at home to the Ducks and Saturday afternoon in Dallas, because of a suspension levied by the Department of Player Safety, following last night's game at home to the Kings.

Maroon dealt a high hit to Los Angeles' Drew Doughty and was assessed a match penalty and game misconduct on the play, not to mention having to defend the hit with a fight against Derek Forbort, and as you can see in the video below, the league didn't look too kindly on how the hit was delivered.

So far this season, Maroon has 9 goals and 21 points in 40 games played, marking that as the halfway point to his season, now that he won't be seeing games 41 and 42, so his pace is still in the 42-point range, which should make for a decent season.  At the start of play tonight, he was ranked 182nd overall in pool scoring, well within the confines of being pool worthy.

For Stacey C., this just gets added to the list of tough spots to his team's season, which hasn't exactly gone to plan.  His team has struggled to start Week Fourteen, having only 1 point in the first two nights of action and has dropped a spot to 20th, and losing Maroon certainly won't help that cause any.  Even if the PIM mini-game was active, those 20 minutes that Maroon earned wouldn't have gotten his team very far either, because it would still rank 8th in that category, at best, with all of that nonsense tacked on.

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