Saturday, January 27, 2018

Norway's 2018 Olympic Team

Norway hasn't had their fair share of NHL players in recent years, Mats Zuccarello is the only Norwegian player in the NHL today and he has been for a little while. 

The Norwegian hockey team has appeared in the last two Olympics, Vancouver and Sochi, but they don't have a win in either tournament, registering an overtime loss to the Swiss in Vancouver, as their best result in those two appearances.

You would have to look awfully close, but the only player on the team with any sort of NHL experience is forward Patrick Thoresen, who spent some time with the Oilers and the Flyers back in the 2007 and 2008 seasons. 

Only one player on the team was drafted to an NHL squad and it wasn't the Thoresen, it was defenseman Jonas Holos, who was drafted in the 6th round in 2008 by the Colorado Avalanche, even suiting up for 39 games for the Avs and registering 6 assists. 

Norway has played in the top tier of the World Championships since the 2006 tournament, so they should be a good bunch, in terms of overall chemistry and they are playing in Group C, with Finland, Sweden and Germany, so it will be a tough slog through the group stage, for sure.

Player Name POS
Lars Haugen G
Henrik Haukeland G
Henrik Holm G
Anders Bastiansen F
Kristian Forsberg F
Ludvig Hoff F
Tommy Kristiansen F
Ken Andre Olimb F
Mathis Olimb F
Aleksander Reichenberg F
Niklas Roest F
Mats Rosseli Olsen F
Martin Roymark F
Eirik Salsten F
Patrick Thoresen F
Steffen Thoresen F
Mathias Trettenes F
Alexander Bonsaksen D
Stefan Espeland D
Jonas Holos D
Johannes Johannesen D
Erlend Lesund D
Mattias Norstebo D
Henrik Odegaard D
Daniel Sorvik D

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