Friday, January 05, 2018

Goalie Announcements (Jan 5)

Looks like Jeremy watch will carry over to Sunday afternoon, where he'll get his last chance at a win, since the New Jersey Devils were not able to post a win for Cory Schneider in Dallas last night.  So, we'll check back in on that race on Sunday morning.

So, with that being said, let's have a peek at the top 10 teams for Friday night.  1st place to 10th place is now separated by 40 points, which has been staying fairly consistent, but as the days disappear on the calendar, the gap will appear much bigger.

Tristan Jarry (Derek B.) versus Jaroslav Halak (Benson)
Both the Penguins and the Islanders are on back-to-back nights on Friday, so whoever didn't start on Thursday, should be getting the nod tonight.  For Derek B., his fortunes turned favourable, as the injury to Tristan Jarry was indeed minor and he was able to dress as a backup last night and it sounds like he will be good to go tonight against the Islanders.  His team starts the night 3 points out of the top 10, but his goalie is facing a top 10 goalie, as Benson's team continues to hunt down top spot in the standings.  Jaroslav Halak should be getting the call for his team tonight and he'll start the night 4 points out of 1st place, looking for a shutout to close the gap.

Malcolm Subban (Wilton) versus Jeff Glass (N/A)
Also chasing Dale B.'s down for 1st place is Wilton's team and he should be getting a goalie start, as the Golden Knights are also on back-to-back nights tonight.  Malcolm Subban didn't play last night in St. Louis, so expect him tonight in Chicago.  Wilton's team took back 2nd place, but holds a slight 1-point advantage on Benson's team and is only 3 points back of Dale's team.  At the other end, this would have been a start for Jeremy's team, if his goalie wasn't hurt, but instead, Jeff Glass gets another turn in the net, as his play has impressed the coaching staff to allow him to keep going for the time being.

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