Friday, January 12, 2018

Morning Player Notes in the Draft (Jan 12)

The Tampa Bay Lightning are likely collectively holding their breath, as they await test results from Victor Hedman's lower-body injury this morning. The All-Star defenseman suffered the injury, believed to be to his knee, in a collision in the 2nd period against the Flames, leaving the game, not to return. The team wouldn't say too much, other than he'll be tested in the morning. On the plus side, last night was their last game before their mandated bye week, so they won't be missing as much action from their top blueliner.

Mike's team may be an exceptional long shot for the overall money spots, down in 18th, 56 points out of 3rd, but Hedman was his only life line for the All-Star Game festivities in a couple of weeks time.  The Swedish defender was his only player selected to the mid-season classic, but he might need some other players to drop out for his players to possibly do the replacing.

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