Thursday, January 17, 2019

Del Zotto to the Ducks

2019 Season July 1st, 2018
To Anaheim POS Age GP Goals Points Years Cap Hit
Michael Del Zotto D 28 23 1 4 1 $2.25 mil
To Vancouver POS Age GP Goals Points Years Cap Hit
Luke Schenn D 29 8 0 0 1 $800k
Retained Salary 25% 1 $750k
2020 7th Round Draft Pick

A minor pool relevant trade dropped overnight, when the Canucks and Ducks decided to swap defensemen, seeing Michael Del Zotto head down to Anaheim and Luke Schenn head up the coast to Vancouver, as well as a draft pick.

Del Zotto has been a healthy scratch for the better part of the regular season for the Canucks, unable to crack the lineup on a regular basis and his numbers have suffered for it.  It will certainly be a new start for him in Anaheim.

Coming the other way, Schenn hasn't featured much in the Anaheim lineup this season, spending his season down in the AHL, only coming up for eight games, due to injuries. 

It's a pretty good cap trade for the Canucks, as they won't have a few million dollars sitting in the press box.

Del Zotto belongs to John P. in the hockey pool this season and he was unable to ditch him in the first Waiver Draft of the season, taking care of some bigger issues he had on his roster instead.  John's team hasn't had a whole lot of good luck this season, but he might be able to salvage something out of this trade, if Del Zotto can post some regular minutes in the Anaheim lineup.  If not, the second Waiver Draft is only a couple of weeks away, so he might be able to make the swap finally then.

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