Monday, January 28, 2019

Goalie Announcements (Jan 28)

Welcome to Week Eighteen!  The Waiver Draft is in full flight, the numbers have been reset and looking at the schedule... well, it's still looking a bit light, thanks to all of those bye weeks, but we'll get through it just fine.

Unfortunately for some, the goalies that have been picked already in the Waiver Draft are not active until next week, so if you see any of them playing, you're only getting a teaser of what's to come.  On the bright side, at least it's still coming.

Only two games on the docket for this Monday night, a very limited draw, the first of four nights of limited games and then the weekend really picks up.  Let's see what we have on tap.

Laurent Brossoit (Picked) versus Carter Hart (Picked)
Speaking of selected goalies, both Benson and Jeremy will get to see starts from the goalies that they picked over the weekend tonight, as the Jets and Flyers faceoff.  No, these points will not count, but some advanced scouting could be done and you can keep your fingers and toes crossed that something terrible doesn't happen.  Both the Jets and the Flyers also play tomorrow night, starting back-to-backs in this really slow part of the schedule.

Keith Kinkaid (Neil) versus Matt Murray (Picked)
It looks like Neil gets the only active hockey pool goalie start of the night tonight, as Keith Kinkaid is set to take to the net for the New Jersey Devils, when they are into Pittsburgh to take on the Penguins.  Neil's team is the only one not to hit double-digits when it comes to goalie points in the second segment of the season, but a win tonight could turn that around, as his team starts at 8 points from the crease at this point.  At the other end, Scott will get to scout the top pick in the Week Eighteen Waiver Draft, but no, the points don't count.

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