Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Goalie Announcements (Jan 30)

The lack of games this week is really wreaking havoc on the standings in the pool, as there are still eight teams without points this week and we've only seen five games in the schedule so far.  It doesn't get any better either.  There are only two games on Wednesday night as well.

There are a few teams that don't seem to mind the schedule the way it is, since they have been picking up points in the limited schedule.  Jeremy leads the pool this week with 9 points, overtaking Stacey M.'s team, which now sits at 8 points.  Wes' team isn't doing too badly either, 6 points for his side and Eric's team is up at 5 points.  These are your leaders for the Mover & Shaker right now, but I know we're all just waiting for the weekend, so it can all kick off.

Andrei Vasilevskiy (Dale C.) versus Matt Murray (Picked)
Dale C. is among those eight teams without points this week and he gets a key goalie start to help push his team forward tonight.  Andrei Vasilevskiy gets the nod for the Tampa Bay Lightning, when they go into Pittsburgh to take on the Penguins.  Dale's team probably doesn't want to this second segment to end, as it ranks 5th in the pool since the start of Week Ten with 209 points, but it didn't make up a whole lot of ground in that time.

Linus Ullmark (Steve) versus Ben Bishop (Clayton)
Yesterday, we had a 4th/5th place goalie battle in the post and now today, we have a 6th/7th place goalie battle to speak of in Dallas.  Ben Bishop was confirmed nice and early yesterday, giving Clayton a start tonight for his 7th place team, while Linus Ullmark is only expected, not quite confirmed at this time, since the Sabres played last night as well.  Steve's team is only 3 points ahead of Clayton's, which makes this into a semi-swing game.

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