Friday, January 25, 2019

Morning Player Notes (Jan 25)

On Thursday, the Anaheim Ducks did some roster shuffling for salary cap purposes, as we head to the break.  All of these days that we are in the All-Star break, do count against the cap, so a lot of teams dropped their rosters down to the minimum, trying to maximize what they can spend down the stretch.  The Ducks were no different, assigning a handful of players to the AHL, bringing up some cheaper alternatives that don't need to clear waivers to go back down and activating Jakob Silfverberg from the IR, since he counts against the cap anyways.

There was no actual confirmation that Silfverberg was cleared to resume play, when the schedule restarts next week, so this will be an interesting one to watch.  He was on the injured list with a lower-body injury, already missing four games, but is he ready to go or was this a paper transaction?

I'm sure Benson is hoping that Silfverberg is ready to go when play resumes.  Sure, his team sits 21st in the overall standings, but his team is in the hunt for the game-winning goals money and when on track, Silfverberg scores goals.  He would be super-handy down the stretch.

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